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  • We are unable to provide an estimate for you for one of the following reasons:

    • You entered a driver number and date of birth combination that doesn't match our records.
    • You’re not currently on the waiting list for a car driving test.
    • You haven't yet completed your EDT, or your ADI hasn't updated your training records.
    • You already received an invitation but didn’t make a booking within 10 days.
    • The estimator is updated every 2 weeks and hasn’t yet captured your application or latest training.
    • You have not held your first learner permit for 6 months
  • What should I do? 

    Important! Our customer agents can't offer short notice tests or cancellations over the phone so please wait for your invitation.

​ See Driving test estimator FAQs for more information about how we estimate your place in the queue.​

​If you have not yet applied for your car driving test, please register or log in at, where you can also check your EDT status, learner permit expiry dates and previous driving test results.

​ You can also look up test centre waiting times for a general estimate across all test centres. These apply from the date you become eligible to sit a car driving test. ​ ​